CEIMB - Mango Lassi

One for me, one for Chandler!

Recipe chosen this week by Leslie of

Check out Leslie's blog.  She always has something wonderful cooking up in her kitchen.  I was so glad she chose this colorful, delicious drink for this week for our CEiMB group because it just hit the spot here in Alabama.  I made it Saturday afternoon as a treat for my DH because it was about 99 degrees outside here.  That is hot even for Alabama in the summer! 

I love mangoes, but to me they are so messy to work with.  Anyone have any tips as to how to get that seed out without making a huge mess, please fill me in!  This was easy to make.  Tasted more like a smoothie than a drink, but we loved it.  Perfect afternoon snack.  Try it for yourself.  It really takes only seconds to mix up in your blender!

As you can see, we did not have much left over!


2 ripe, sweet mangos
1 1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
2 cups ice (1 tray of ice)
Peel and dice the mango and puree in the blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and puree until the ice is crushed and the drink is frothy. Serve in tall glasses with additional ice, if desired.


Kayte said…
Looks great, getting ready to make ours now and will have it posted tomorrow. I love that it is mango!!! Yours looks beautiful, so suppose I should round up some nice glassware for this and not just the Flintstone Jelly glasses I was planning to use.
Pamela said…
Oh, no! I just realized I didn't do CEiMB this week. Looks good and pretty easy, so maybe I can remedy this!
Marthe said…
Really looking forward to making this tonight, especially because it's sooooo easy to prepare! :) Love mango's, so this should be delicious!

Not sure if I have enough honey around though, used up about a cup of honey on two batches of undercooked 'ontbijtkoek'.... :(
Joanne said…
We like this as well. Actually, Ellie gave directions on working with the mango. It seems you end up tossing more out than you use.
I kept jabbing the knife at it to see if I could get any more mango meat ... no success :(
Bri said…
Glad you enjoyed this! I didn't try any but my hubby drank it and enjoyed it. I just don't do yogurt, but I think maybe these would be good with ice cream instead. More like a milkshake....
Leslie said…
Mmm...this looks fantastic! I'm glad it helped you cool down on a HOT day! I so miss the 90's with high humidity...not! Thanks for cooking (blending?) along with me this week!
TeaLady said…
THESE were so refreshing. Made mine with peaches cause no more mangos in PoDunk USA.

The hint of honey was really tasty. Yours look delicious.
Another Ellie success story for everyone or everyone, I have seen, so far.

Ellie has recipes that are quick and easy with ingredients, we can get and that taste good and this did. I hadn't realized just how good mango is.
Jess said…
It has been crazy hot in DC as well, so this was the perfect treat for these hot summer days.
Anonymous said…
I'll tell you, I just cannot get over the heat wave we've been having here in GA. I was even in IL over the weekend and it was up over 100. Ew. Too hot!

This looks like the perfect remedy :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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