CEiMB - L.O.V.E. Wrap Sandwich

In this land of bloggers, you grow close to each other.  You are, after all, sharing your love of cooking and your life in the writings of your blog posts.  That's how friendships form - a common bond, right?  I feel that way about my friend, Joanne of Applecrumbles.  Joanne is the hostess this week for our Craving Ellie group.  Be sure to check out Joanne's blog.  She always makes everything look so delicious and her photos are outstanding.  Joanne has helped me a lot with food substitute recommendations and she always has very creative ideas.  I enjoy cooking with her.

I was not excited about this sandwich however.  First, even though I love egg salad, I couldn't imagine egg salad with bell pepper and onion.  Secondly, Chandler does not eat bell pepper and onion so I knew he would not like it.  I figured I would make him a pepperless, onionless version.

I cannot believe February is almost over, can you?  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 2011 coming in, and now in another month spring will be upon us here in the south.  We have had a cold, hard winter with lots of snow which is unusual for this area.  Spring is my favorite time of the year so I am getting excited already!  I love the flowers blooming, but most of all I love the sunshine and the warmth it brings to my body.  I hate being cold!!!

Back to the sandwich - my verdict after tasting it is that - it was really good!  My whole wheat wrap was a tiny bit on the dry side, but other than that, we really enjoyed these.  Maybe it was because they were low fat??

I served them with an apple waldorf salad and some cinnamon mini-muffins.  My photos did not show the inside of the wrap very well and I had to use a toothpick to keep it together!  You couldn't ask for an easier dinner, however!  I'm all about easy.

Here is the recipe if you want to try it:


8 hard boiled eggs

4 teaspoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

2 tablespoons fresh chives, finely chopped

Salt and pepper

4 pieces whole-wheat wrap bread (9 inches in diameter)

1 red bell pepper, cut into strips

12 thin slices red onion

8 leaves romaine lettuce, torn into pieces (about 1/2 cup)


Dice 4 whole eggs and 4 egg whites and put into a small bowl. Add the mayonnaise and mustard and stir with a fork, mashing somewhat for desired consistency. Stir in chives and season with salt and pepper. Place wrap bread on a plate and spread the egg salad in the middle. Top with the peppers, onion slices and the lettuce. Fold into a wrap sandwich.


Anonymous said…
You are so right about Joanne - I always look forward to seeing her version of the weekly CEiMB recipe because she is so creative! I am not an egg salad fan at all so I made the fried rice from a few weeks ago, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! The fruit salad you made looks good too.

I'm with you on spring, except that I hate all the pollen we get here. I noticed that my car is already starting to get coated in the yellow dust :( Once that passes, I'll be much happier!
Anonymous said…
Now I really want to go ahead and make this wrap!

I am so looking forward to spring... It snowed here last night. Today it's foggy but at least all the snow has melted :D

Happy to see you back at blogging!
Mary said…
I agree...Apple Crumbles is a great blog. I liked this recipe too.
Leslie said…
I love Joanne, too! She makes the most creative substitutions. Your wrap looks great! I didn't get around to making this one...maybe next week. :-)
Shandy said…
Loved this sandwich and your photos are beautiful! Can't wait for spring ourselves; I think many of us are tired of all the cold weather.

Joanne is amazing in the kitchen and this week did not disappoint with all her photos jumping off the screen.
Joanne said…
I hate being cold too. And sure enough, don't we get dumped on with another UMPTEEN inches of snow today!?!!! Give it up! That ground hog better be right in predicting an early Spring.

Anyway - glad you liked the recipe this week. I thought of you...could you tell? No SHELLFISH! YAY!
Kayte said…
I need to go back and do this one as it looks so good and it is something I know I would enjoy. Good bet for Lent, so going to make this...yours looks wonderful and I love the waldorf salad with it!!

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