CEiMB - Cinnamon Raisen Toast with Honey Walnut Spread

A great blogger friend, Kayte, of Grandma's Kitchen Table, chose this week's recipe for our Ellie Krieger group.  She chose Cinnamon Raisen Toast with Honey Walnut Spread.  You can find the recipe on Kayte's blog or in Ellie Krieger's cookbook, So Easy.  Or I am sure you can find online.

This was an easy recipe and with summer here, we all need easy.  I love cinnamon bread so I was anxious to try it with the spread on it.  You just heat up the walnuts to get the flavor going, mix in with yogurt and honey.  I used a fresh pear to top mine.  The spread will keep in your refrigerator for a few days.  Delicious.  Thanks Kayte for an excellent pick this week!


Joanne said…
Cinnamon Raisin toast. One of my favorites as well. The spread made it so much more enjoyable - who woulda thought?!!! Loved it.
Anonymous said…
Great picture! I haven't made this one yet, but after seeing all the rave reviews, I'm going to have to get a jump on it. Hope you're having a nice weekend!
Kayte said…
Oops...Kayte did not get this made and posted but maybe she can do it soon. Sorry about that...yours looks great. Really great. Like I want some NOW.

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