CEiMB - Spicy Egg and Avocado Wraps

This week's host is my sweet friend Marthe.  Her blog is bakingbluefinger.wordpress.com

Marthe has chosen Ellie Krieger's Spicy Egg and Avocado Wraps.  I made them tonight but we are planning to eat them in the morning so I cannot give a review on how delicious they are.  But I trust Ellie.  I have never made a recipe from her collection that I did not think was healthy and tasty.  I am hoping my avocado does not turn brown in the refrigerator overnight!  I left the yolks in my eggs even though the recipe only called for a few yolks.

I have a lot of trouble photographing "wraps."  If anyone has a secret to help me, please free free to advise!!

Check out the other cooks at Cravingellieinmybelly.blogspot.com We are a small group that enjoys cooking together on Thursdays and posting healthy, delicious Ellie Krieger recipes.  Come join us!!


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to your review, Peggy. I don't know what you mean about having trouble photographing wraps - these pics turned out great! I won't be able to make these in time, but they do sound delicious. Hope you have a nice weekend!
TeaLady said…
Those look good and healthy. Nice job.

didn't make these because I don't like avocado or tomatoes (weird huh!).
Joanne said…
You did a great job of photographing the wraps. They look super.
I didn't get the pick for this week in time then, when I saw what it was, needed the recipe but didn't get any feedback. The first one I missed in a long time.Maybe I'll double up next week.
I think your photos are fantastic. I am about to type mine and get it into the blog.

We liked these a lot. The flavors blended well and I added sweet chili sauce rather than hot and it was great.
Danica's Daily said…
I think you did fantastic with your photos. I am wishing now I made these because yours look delicious. Hmmm, maybe this week along with the muffins :D
Anonymous said…
These were not very easy to photograph, I struggled with them too! Glad you liked these :)

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