Bal's No Butter Chicken and Corn with Aromatic Seasonings

Last night some of my twitter friends and I made an Indian dinner together.  It was my first time to "cook together" with someone while tweeting about it.  I added a little drama to the session when my first attempt at chopping onion caused me to drop my knife.  On its way to the floor, it made a slight detour and swiped my leg which took me to the ER for a few stitches.  Ouch.  My kitchen looked like a murder had occurred!  When I returned, I cleaned up everything and still managed to cook along with Kayte and Margaret.  I think Leslie cooked later.  Abby and Katie used tofu in theirs.  The meal was delicious.
We made Bal's No Butter Chicken and Madhur Jaffrey’s Corn With Aromatic Seasonings as a side.  The sweet cream of the corn was a nice coolness against the spicey hot chicken.  Although this recipe is not too hot.  It is just right.   I am definitely going to make this again soon.  It was quick and easy to prepare.  A perfect meal to end a wild and crazy day.


Kayte said…
Quick and easy to prepare? LOL...including the trip to the ER?? I have to say you gave us all a fright when we found out you had cut yourself so badly to need goodness, that's a first for a Twittercook/bake along! Hope it is feeling better today. Thanks for cooking and inspiring me...always fun to cook with others. Yours looks wonderful and you are right about the corn adding a nice cool touch, I hadn't thought of that aspect, but it did. I am making this again soon as well. Next up are Kabobs and Margaret's veggie dish. Can't wait.
TeaLady said…
Always exciting in a TwitterCook. Maybe not THAT exciting, but..

I am so glad you were with us for this meal. And so very glad you enjoyed it. I hope you will join us for more.

Always fun to have others 'in the kitchen'.

Hope your leg is better this morning.
Anonymous said…
I love making butter chicken, but I'll try this recipe because your dish looks delicious!
AllThingsYummy said…
Glad you are ok. That would have ended my cooking for the night as a cried like a baby over my wounds. LOL
Katie said…
So glad you ended up alright and with a delicious looking dish in the end! This was a great dish to try, and it was fun to cook alongside you!
Abby said…
I can't believe a Twittercook injury! And that you didn't let it slow you down. =) So glad you are okay and that you enjoyed the was a bit too spicy for me, but otherwise quite delicious!

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