Chocolate with Francois - Flourless Chocolate Cake

In our Chocolate with Francois group, the recipe for this month was Francois Payard's Flourless Cake.  Apparently these cakes are popular in France.  They are easy to make, but oh so rich.  If you do not like chocolate, and I am serious here, you would not like this cake.  I'm sure my friend Kayte would not even look once at this recipe!

My friend Joanne, of Applecrumbles, was the host this month.  Joanne makes the most fabulous foods, a lot of them are vegetarian dishes but she also prepares meat dishes for her husband.  And her photos are amazing!

Okay back to this cake.  It was easy.  You mix it up, cook in a water bath, then freeze.

I probably kept it frozen for a couple of weeks.  Francois said if you cook in a regular cake pan it might be difficult to unpan it and he was right.  I ended up using my hairdryer to blow across the bottom of the pan and then it came right out.  It was not a pretty cake.  And my photos of the cake as a whole cake turned out unfocused.

Chandler put whipped cream on his.  I think the whipped cream might cut a little of the chocolate flavor off.  This is one very rich cake.  I could not eat a very large piece.  But it was delicious.

You can get the recipe from the book Chocolate Epiphany or Joanne probably will have it posted on her webpage.


Julie said…
Love the first picture, so fun! We loved this cake at my house!!
Kayte said…
Oh, you silly girl...of course, I would look at this recipe...for the guys!! lol I bake for the guys, I am actually not much of a lover of sweets (and definitely not chocolate) but the guys love both! It's fun to make things I know they will like. I know they would like this did a nice job of presenting it.
Katie said…
This cake looks just perfect. I can't imagine someone not liking it! Delicious!
TeaLady said…
That looks so good.

Haven't made one like this in AGES. Mite be time to make one!!
Anonymous said…
Way to think your feet with the hairdryer! I think the cake looks delicious.
Joanne said…
That photo made my mouth water. Shoot! It's only 10 AM!!!
Thanks for making the cake Peggy. It looked easy and good and it was.
Anonymous said…
Well I'm drooling! Looks simply delicious to me :)
Rita said…
This cake sounds almost sinful; gotta try it.

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