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This month in our group MKMW we virtually went to Great Britain to find a recipe to share.  My friend Sarah lives in London so naturally I went straight to her for an opinion.  She sent me the recipe for Toad in the Hole.  Now I've made Toad in the Hole before where you just cut a hole in a slice of bread, drop an egg in, and bake.  This is not the same thing.

The only change I made was you were supposed to wrap the sausages in proscuitto and instead I had some ham I needed to use so I just put some chopped up ham in mine.  We loved this dish and I hope you will if you make it.  Check out MKMW and see what everyone else came up with for Great Britain.  I cannot wait to check it all out.

Go here for the Toad in the Hole recipe.


Kayte said…
That looks good...guys would love that for breakfast!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, yum! I completely forgot about MKMW this month. Oops. I have never had Toad in the Hole, but this really looks good. Thanks for sharing, Peggy.
Anonymous said…
This does look lovely, but for a more traditional Toad in the Hole you should leave out the Proscuitto. That's a Nigel Slater tweak to the traditional recipe which is just sausages in a batter mixture and then baked in the oven. I add onions to mine which makes it extra tasty.
Having it for breakfast is an interesting idea, but not the meal I would serve it at - definitely a supper dish!
'Meanderings through my Cookbook'
Anonymous said…
Love Toad in a Hole, but my sister calls it Egg in a Basket. Great post!
Rita said…
Sure looks good; our kiond of food even if we are not in Britain.

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