TWD - Cream Scones

I've never had a lot of luck with scones.  That is, they have always seemed rather bland to me.  This week's TWD recipe was chosen by Lynn of Cafe Lynnlu

We did not have much in the way of breakfast foods this weekend, so I decided Saturday morning to go ahead and make the scones.  I had all the ingredients except for raisens so I substituted dried cherries. 

These were fast to prepare - you don't want to over handle the dough - and they cooked quicker than Dorie's instructions.  My only disappointment was that I hurriedly cut them and they were not all the same size.  Does not affect the taste however.  Chandler was busy on a carpentry project and he was delighted to enjoy a little mid-morning snack of scones.  These were a big hit and I will definitely make them again and again.


TeaLady said…
Well, those look just perfect to me. I came THIS close to putting some currants in mine but decided to go plain. Glad I did. And glad these worked for you.

Tia said…
i agree with Tealady - they look nothing short of lovely!

Tia @ Buttercreambarbie
Kayte said…
Those look so cute tucked in that little basket like that...and I am hoping to try your fruit addition many choices, this one looks delicious to me.
I just love your photos - the scones are so perfect! :)
Nicole said…
I was worried I handled my dough too much but they were fine. I love the addition of dried cherries!
Cindy said…
Dried cherries would be a great addition. This is a recipe I will make often.
Katrina said…
I want to make these in every combination I'm seeing on all the blogs. ;)
Lynne Daley said…
Your scones look great-doesn't matter how you cut them. I think that's part of the charm. Thanks for baking with me.
Bella Baker said…
yum! your scones look absolutely perfect!!!
Cakelaw said…
What fab looking scones - I must use the raisins in mine next time.

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