Words for Wednesdays - Holiday Thoughts

My son writes beautiful poetry.  Because of him, I became interested in the flow of words and decided to try and see if I could write a verse or two.  If you have been following my blog, you have seen on Wednesdays my attempts at poetry.  Not sure if I like this one, but the substance and feeling is there.


With great speed it comes,
then leaves with a haste
after a quick taste
only to be followed by a rush
of St. Nickolas.

Long wait and anticipation
long lines and frustration
decorations abound while
Cards and boxes are found,
Santa arrives, it's here they shout!
only to find the fire has already gone out.

New Year's Eve.
One night out of the year
streamers flying, horns blowing,
breath freezing in the air
can you make it til midnight
for one kiss - do you dare?
A new year begins.

Holidays come and holidays go,
but the warmth and love live on.


Joanne said…
A beautiful poem. It captures the holiday flurry. :)

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