Donna Hay's Chicken and Bacon Burger

I have a lovely group of twitter friends and we are choosing one chef per month to spotlight.  We can make anything from that chef's collection of recipes so I chose Donna Hay's Chicken and Bacon Burger.  This is my first time cooking with this group!  The photo of my finished product will become my twitter avatar for the month!

I cannot say enough good about this "burger."  It is healthy, tasty, just enough spice to it, and very filling.  I cut one chicken breast in half to make two sandwiches.  The avocado and bacon added so much flavor, but I loved the spicey mayonnaise dressing.  I used french rolls but might try a different bun next time.  You can find the recipe by googling Donna Hay online.


Kayte said…
Wow, this looks so beautiful! I just showed this to Mark and he said, "Yes! Make that tomorrow!" High praise. Your photo of it is really nice. So happy to have your making something for Donna Hay this month...she's fun, isn't she?
Nancy/n.o.e said…
I love the way that recipe looks - I didn't see it but then again she has a million recipes available! This is right up my alley, although maybe without the bread. Not that it changes the recipe or anything, LOL. I'm glad you're joining the avatar fun!!
Unknown said…
That truly does look fabulous.
TeaLady said…
Have not had a Chicken sandwich in ages. This looks like the perfect one to start with.

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