Hazan's Thirty Minute Thursdays - Pasta!!!!

This week I decided for my Thirty Minute Thursdays group to make Hazan's Spinach and Ricotta Penne.  This is my third recipe from Hazan's book Thirty Minute Pasta.  Loved the first two and loved this one as well.

As the spinach was cooking, I kept "sampling" it and I am surprised there was enough sauce left to mix in with the pasta when I finished cooking it!

It is very easy to make.  Chandler could eat pasta every day of the week so I cannot go wrong making it for him.  He was not too happy last night, however, when I fed him an egg sandwich because I had spent my evening cutting out stars and painting a crescent moon for an upcoming banquet!

My twitter friends Margaret and Kayte also make Thursday pastas so be sure to check out their websites and see what they made this week. 

Buy the book and try this recipe.  You'll love it.  Guiliano Hazan's 30 Minute Pastas.  It truly is one of the most delicious and useful cookbooks I own.


Anonymous said…
This looks delicious Peggy!
I don't eat ricotta, so far all I have disliked all the dishes I tried with ricotta in it.
Kayte said…
We loved this one as well. I'm going to tell Marthe that if she doesn't like ricotta, she can use cottage cheese if she likes that as I have one child who does not like ricotta so I put cottage cheese in his version and he likes that just fine. We love this book...and Mark is like Chan, he could eat pasta every day and never get tired of it. So fun seeing what you chose to make, and your photo of it is wonderful!
Unknown said…
Looks super tasty, I love a ton of sauce on pasta too.
TeaLady said…
I have this one marked to make as soon as I remember to buy the ricotta.

Looks great.

This is a great book, isn't it. Glad you joined us.
Joanne said…
I like the sound of that especially since spinach is in the mix. Good looking dish Peggy.
Want to share the recipe? psst....you know my email ;)

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