Perfect cake for Valentines!

Every year around Valentine's I get a hankering for strawberry cake.  The best one I have made is from Paula Deen's collection.   As you can see from the photo however, my frosting is a bit runny.  I can attribute this to the fact that I "tried" to cut back on the amount of confectioner's sugar the recipe called for in an effort to be a tad healthier.  In this case, the recipe was correct and I needed to use all seven cups of sugar.  The cake itself is moist and delicious and the strawberry smell coming from your oven is divine!  Paula makes hers as a layer cake but I made mine a sheet cake just because it is easier and quicker to do a sheet cake.  Since this type of frosting is just too sweet for me, I have decided the next time I make this cake I will put a whipped cream topping on it.

You can find the recipe here:


Anonymous said…
I don't suppose you saved me a piece.....

Looks sooooo good.

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