Brown Butter and Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake - TWD

This was the first thing I baked from Dorie Greenspan's new book, Baking with Chez Moi.  Yes, I am a little behind the rest of the group in Tuesdays with Dorie.  My favorite cakes of all time are plainer cakes.  You can have your sweet gooey frostings and fillings.  I'll take a plain cake any day of the week!  This one fit the bill.  In France, apparently they have their "weekend" cakes and this is one of them.  No fuss, no frills, just delicious.  A blank slate, I can only imagine the creative ways you could serve this.  Or just serve it plain.  Maybe with an afternoon cup of hot tea and a good book?

It did not rise as much as I had hoped.  Not sure what happened there.  Also, be careful with the timing if you cook this.  At 55 minutes, even with a foil tent, mine got a little brown around the edges.  But oh the crunchy goodness of those edges.  YUM.

You can check out the other bakers here to see how theirs turned out:


Anonymous said…
Your cake looks lovely. You're right, those crunchy edges were yum, almost cookie-like. I'm not one for plain cakes, but they do evoke a simpler time and simpler pleasures.(Pre-caramel-bacon frostings and such). I think I'm won over!
Kayte said…
Looks great from here. And, there is no such thing as behind...this round of TWD is a make as you wish deal so no pressure. Hope you are feeling better. I fully expected to come here and Chan made the cake!! LOL...he could probably do it as it was that easy. I'm with you, there is something magical and lovely about a plain cake...and a cup of tea...and a good book. Maybe we should do this more often.
Kathy said…
Your cake looks quite pretty! My favorite way to eat cake is with my cup of tea!
Nana said…
Your cake looks wonderful and very delicious. I
like this plain, the flavors are just so good.
I'm a huge fan of pound cake, so this was a winner for me, too! I loved the crunchy spots :) Glad you enjoyed!
jillbuker said…
Those crunchy edges were the best part!
Zosia said…
I think your loaf looks lovely. I love a plain cake also and one that's easy to make and has great flavour like this one is even better.
Cher Rockwell said…
A cup of tea, a slice of cake and a good book and I think I would be good for the afternoon!

Looks good.
I loved this cake and well funny I love pound cake! The crunchy edges were a nice contrast to the interior and the vanilla added a delicious flavour.
Anonymous said…
I tend to like plain things too…this one was perfect!
Anonymous said…
Your cake looks great. And the crunchy edges are the best part.
I like all cakes, gooey or plain, and this was a wonderfully plain cake - the crispy crust being my favorite part.

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