EwE - Shotgun Wedding Soup

Today Margaret chose Ellie Kreiger's Shotgun Wedding Soup for our group.   I am all about homemade soups so no one had to coerce me to try this one.   All of Ellie's recipes are easy to make and healthy to boot so it is always a win win idea to cook from her selections!

This soup was a bit similar to an egg drop soup as far as preparation, but not taste.   I halved the recipe since there are only two of us eating and it made enough for us to have a bowl each for our lunch the next day.  It is made by browning some ground turkey with onion, then adding broth, garlic and swirling some beaten egg with parmesan and parsley into the broth.  Then you add some spinach and that is it!   I actually added some tiny pasta to mine to give it a little more umph.   

Ellie suggests serving with her tomato bread so I did.   I have to say I even though the soup was good, I enjoyed the bread more!   I will definitely be making that bread on a regular basis!

Check out our website to see how the others made their soup at eWellie.wordpress.com


Kayte said…
Oh your soup looks great with those little pasta shapes in there. I can see where those would be great. I thought about making the tomato bread or the crackers but for some reason I just decided soup alone, happy to hear that the bread is a great hit as well. I liked this for the clean eating aspect, fresh ingredients without a lot of fat and calories, so that alone means I will make it again when I feel the need for a little restraint. I think adding some additional spices/herbs could punch it up for those who wanted more flavor and not affect the calorie count, etc. Yours looks great. And I want some tomato bread!
Cakelaw said…
I think adding pasta for body was a great idea. The bread sounds yum!
Anonymous said…
Tomato bread?? Looks yummy! I thought maybe that was tomato jam on the bread...
Your soup looks great...and the addition of small pasta makes a lot of sense. I love that these recipes are quick and tasty!!
TeaLady said…
Good idea to add the pasta. I had some little stars I could have added. Nest Time!!

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