EwE Shrimp, spinach and garlic

Eating with Ellie!   Some of us used to be in an Ellie Kreiger group which after several years together folded.   Some of us decided to resurrect the group under a new name and cook from Ellie's latest book - Ellie's weeknite wonders.    Kayte chose this shrimp recipe as our first in the new group.  Since i am allergic to shellfish i substituted chicken.  

It has been a bad winter here for sickness and we have had our share already.   Yesterday on my way home from work i came down with either a cold or the flu.  The jury is still out.  I just know i feel like a train ran over me!   So wrapped in a blanket, i gave my DH step by step directions and he actually cooked this dish for us.   He did a great job!   Those of you who know him know that cooking is not his forte!  Im so proud of him.  That just goes to show how easy Ellies recipes are to prepare if he can do it!

Check out our webpage to see some of the others posts for this week!  https://ewellie.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/ewe-eating-with-ellie/


Mat. Brigid said…
This looks yummy...and easy! Perfect for the two of us.
Kayte said…
I am definitely going to try this with chicken as I think that combination would be wonderful as well. It works so nice in a lettuce wrap to tote along for lunch that I know I'm going to be enjoying this recipe quite a bit in the future, with shrimp and with chicken. So fun that Chan cooked the dish this week...I wonder if I could get Mark to do that sometime, maybe one week we should have the guys cook it all...lol! That would be interesting. :-) Hope you are better soon. Always fun cooking with you, so happy you got onboard with this idea from the first! :-) Your photo looks really great.
You have a good husband and you can tell him I said so. He also did a great job.

Sorry you are not feeling well and hope you recover quickly and fully.
Cakelaw said…
Yopur chicken looks good - a great substitute for the prawns.
Anonymous said…
Your dish looks perfectly yummy! Congrats to your DH for tackling it! I also love your picture!!
Anonymous said…
YEP!! Gotta try this with chicken. It's the flavors that seem to go with anything. Sorry you are under the weather again, but you got C into the kitchen, so that's a good thing.

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