EwE - Mini jar pumpkin cakes

This week was my choice and I chose these mini pumpkin cakes   I thought with fall in the air it would be something to go with the season!   The recipe said you could cook them in little jars or ramekins.  As you can see I went with the ramekins.  Honestly these were so easy to put together and only took 45 seconds in the microwave to cook!  You cannot get any easier than that.  I sampled one of them and it is delicious!   Later tonight I will serve them to my husband with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.  But I could just eat it right out of the bowl!   The ingredients were eggs and brown sugar, flour, milk, spices, oil and canned pumpkin.   These are so easy to whip up I am sure they will be on my rotation for this season!   The recipe comes from Ellie Kreigers Off the Shelf book.   Great book and I would suggest you purchase one!
Check out our website to see how the others like these little cakes! Ellie

P.s.  I'm so excited I'm going to see the movie Woodlawn this weekend!   


Unknown said…
Thanks for choosing these. I think they made a great dessert or snack.
TeaLady said…
Sorry I didn't get to these. Everyone says they are tasty so they will be my Catch-UP. Love pumpkin. Love minis. Nice pick.

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