EWE - When life gives you lemons...

Gaye chose our theme this week for our Ellie Krieger group.  When Life Gives You Lemons.  I am a huge huge fan of lemons.  Love the lemon in my tea.  My dh does not like lemon in his so he always gives me his slice.   There were so many different ways I could have gone with this theme.  I chose Ellie's 25 minute lemon orzo  pilaf.   This was so easy to make and I do not believe it took even 25 minutes!
Website is Ellie

You can find recipe


Kayte said…
This looks so good! Lemon week is a great week. :-)
Cakelaw said…
Sounds terrific Peggy. Glad you liked this theme.
John said…
This was the other recipe on my iist. Glad it was good.
Anonymous said…
Lemons make lots of things delicious, including this orzo dish. Have you tried her lemon orzo soup yet?

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