TWD...Christmas Spiced Cookies

This is my second of the two choices for cookies this month.  The first was pfefferneusse and this one are spiced Christmas cookies.  They are basic  Dorie's Good for Almost Anything Vanilla Sugar Cookie dough mixed with Christmas spices, cut into shapes, sprinkled with sugar and baked.  Instead of adding more sugar sprinkling on top, I sprinkled a few of mine with extra cinnamon.  These cookies are tasty and easy to make!   Who could not like a good spicy cookie!  

Happy holidays to all!

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Cakelaw said…
These cookies were good. Happy holidays Peggy.
Unknown said…
Darling shape! I just want to reach down and grab a couple!
Diane Zwang said…
These were a tasty sugar cookie.
Anonymous said…
Those look yummy!
Kayte said…
Never enough cinnamon! Your cookies look so pretty and just perfect on that holiday plate. Merry Christmas, dear friend! xo
I liked these a lot. Merry Christmas to you!
Anonymous said…
Good idea to sprinkle with cinnamon. Such a pretty cookie.

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