Cookies with Dorie - World Peace!

It seems very fitting in these times of unrest and division our nation is experiencing right now to make Dorie's World Peace cookies.  These are simple to make and simply delicious.  I made this once before when we were in the Tuesday with Dorie group.  I had forgotten how good they really are!

Some friends were having us over to learn to play a card game called "hand and foot."  I was to bring a sweet.  So I killed two birds with one stone and took these World Peace cookies.  They were a big hit and we absolutely LOVED the hand and foot card game!  I am sure we will be playing it lots in the upcoming months.

My darling husband got me the Cookies with Dorie cookbook for Christmas.  I am looking forward to making every single cookie in that book!

The cookie ingredients included flour, brown sugar, cocoa, butter, vanilla flavoring, sea salt and regular sugar.  You just mix up and then roll the dough into a log and freeze for a few hours.  Then slice and bake for exactly 12 minutes.  My cookies might be a bit smaller than Dorie intended.  She said to make a 1.5 inch roll and I think mine was more like one inch.  But they worked.  Oh, and I added a little pecan to the top of a few of them.  Just for fun!

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Anonymous said…
They look great!
Unknown said…
Okay, I bet those were super popular at your game night! They look just delicious!
Cakelaw said…
Happy New Year Peggy. Your cookies look great.
Kayte said…
Great idea to take them to the party...cookies and chocolate are always welcome guests! Happy to hear that Chan came through with the book for Christmas (like I didn't think he would, NOT), so you are set for all of the recipes! Your cookies look great, Mark was one happy camper with these this week. Happy New Year Dear Friend...2017 has got to be a better year! xo
Mardi Michels said…
Happy New Year! And yes, they ARE a great party cookie!
Happy New Year!
These are the perfect cookies for sharing! A delicious idea with the pecans on the top!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year! Guess I am joining y'all with the Cookies. YAY!! And what better way to start the new year than with chocolate.
Anonymous said…
I can imagine that these were a hit at your card party! I love this book and want to make every one of the recipes, too. In fact, when I first received it, I started marking pages with interesting recipes, as I usually do with cookbooks. I stopped when I realized I was flagging them all.

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