EwE - Soup's On!

This week in our Eating with Ellie group we are making soup!  Soup is one of my favorite things to prepare.  I chose Ellies fall vegetable soup.  While I know it is not fall, it certainly feels like it here in Alabama this week!  So it seemed like a good fit for the weather!  We have had some beautiful weather lately.

  I changed a few ingredients. I do not care for chickpeas so I just added some diced mixed vegetables.  I did also add diced butternut squash which the recipe called for. It smells so good cooking!  I used spinach instead of kale.

This was a very flavorful soup!  We loved it.  Will definitely be making this again.  You can get the recipe Here or purchase Ellie Krieger's Weeknight Wonders.

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Kayte said…
Soup weather here, too...kind of...it was 54 degrees here today at the end of January, who knew such was possible?!! Your soup looks beautiful and I can tell from the ingredients that it would taste great as well. I really love that photo, so pretty. Too bad I didn't live down the road so I could stop by for lunch! :-)
TeaLady said…
Yes, the weather here in the south as been so weird this year. Hot, cold, hot, cold.
Soup looks really good. I love veggie soup.
Cakelaw said…
This looks delicious Peggy. Pumpkin is one of my favourite things all year round, and I love the red colour from the tomatoes.

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