Ewe - Mexican Madness

i am a few days late posting for the Ellie Krieger group.  Gaye chose mexican madness for our theme this week.   After looking through Ellie's recipes, I knew I wanted to try the breakfast burrito.  The week got pretty hectic and I never got around to making them for breakfast.  So here we are....Sunday afternoon....watching the super bowl and enjoying our breakfast burritos!  I know it is not typical Super Bowl food.   But I have to say these burritos are delicious.  Photo does not do them justice.  They are filled with scrambled eggs and cheese, tomatoes, avocado, black beans, rotel and sour cream.   Who wouldnt love that?   We accompanied them with tostitoes and I made salted caramel brownies for dessert.

You can find the recipe Here

Our website is Here


Kayte said…
I'm coming to your house for Super Bwol next year, your menu sounds delicious and these burritos really do look great! Nice photo!
Cakelaw said…
Yeah, these are perfect Super Bowl food. These did catch my eye too so must try them soon.
TeaLady said…
As far as I am concerned any breakfast food is good any time of the day. They do look tasty.

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