DC -corked breton galette

It is cookie day...a day late for me.  We make cookies every other Tuesday.   This week’s cookie is a “corked” Breton Galette.  
I did not have a cork so I used the end of a cheese spreader. However my "cookies" came out more like mini cakes. I guess I cut them too thick?  Or they rose to high?   So they are not perfect. I filled one with Nutella just to try it.   The rest I filled with blueberry preserves.  Let me tell you this is delicious.  These cookies are so buttery and delicious.  Almost like a pound cake taste.  Which I love love.    But WHAT did I do wrong?  I need to know!
I'm so glad I made these. But I want to try them again and see if I can get them to look more like cookies!
The recipe is on page 291 of Dorie’s Cookies.  If you love cookies you really need to get Dorie’s  Book.

How did the rest of the TWD group like them?  Visit Tuesdays with Dorie and find out.


TeaLady said…
I think you may have just cut them too thick. No matter. They were still good!!
Diane Zwang said…
Nutella sounds delicious. I think cutting too thick but yum more cookie to love.
Anonymous said…
I eyeballed the first few with slicing and then got out my ruler. I wasn't risking it! How was the one with Nutella? My fiancee really wants these again with chocolate!
Anonymous said…
I think they look great - maybe your baking powder was extra-active? What matters most is how they taste and these cookies are terrific.
Kayte said…
i think they look wonderful and delicious. Margaret and I are doing the Whole 30 program so I did not trust myself to make these cookies and not sample them...I will need to make and post them on a make up week later. Margaret managed to make them and not eat them, that should tell you her willpower is way better than mine! lol
Cakelaw said…
They look great to me Peggy. I made these today and they are good - so buttery.
Kayte said…
I did make these cookies and post them finally. I think yours look great...mine rose up high as well but I think that's okay, the taste was so delicious. And, let's be real, anytime anyone wants to put fruit jam in anything, I'm in line. I can't make these too often as it is far too easy to talk myself into more than one. So good.

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