EWE - Garden Party

I chose  this weeks theme as garden party.  It's that time of year when vegetables are so appealing to everyone!  I was serving hamburgers tonight and trying to find some vegetable that would go with them. I chose ellie's pasta salad with garden vegetables which can be found on page 250 of her comfort food fix cookbook.  It calls for twisted rotini but I used shells instead because that is what I had in the pantry!  This is very healthy pasta loaded with chopped vegetables. Carrots onion celery tomatoes cabbage.  All delicious!  And I would definitely take this to a garden party !   Recipe is here Recipe. Check out our website at ewellie.wordpress.com

What did you do for memorial weekend?  We took off in our camper to North Georgia.  We had a couple of friends that went with us. We had never been to this campground before. The campsites were very spacious.  The bathroom was very clean. There was not much to do there however. We decided to be brave and go hiking to see a marble mine waterfall.  It was led by a park ranger. He assured us it was 1 mile hike but that it did have some steep climbing. I was a little worried since I am totally out of shape. Right off the bat we encountered a 6 foot long snake. The Ranger decided to stop and circle around it and discuss it for about 10 minutes. I stayed a healthy distance away!  I prefer no snakes!  We made the hike but it was difficult. My fit bit registered that I had walked over 3 miles uphill and on rough terrain. Yeah I ached a bit and rested the rest of the day. But we were all glad we went.  I am borrowing these pics from my friend Donna.

The next day it was a little rainy in the morning so we took off to see a museum of art work for Howard Fenster. Some of his work is at the Smithsonian. It was all very odd and unusual. He apparently was a very religious man and loved Elvis. There were also vendors where you could buy items. We enjoyed it. The rest of our weekend was spent playing Mexican train dominoes and teaching the guys to play Rook.


Cakelaw said…
Great looking pasta! It sounds like you had a fun Memorial Day weekend.
TeaLady said…
I LOVE pasta salads. And this one looks delicious. I will have to add it to my list.

That hike sounds fun - even with the snake!!

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