DC - Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are called "My Newest Chocolate Chip Cookies" in Dorie Greenspan's Dorie's Cookies book.   Other than a bit of a nutmeg and coriander the recipe is very similar to a regular chocolate chip cookies. I have never been a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies.  Which is very strange because I love chocolate!   For a cookie to be great in my opinion it has to be chock-full of things like nuts, fruit, etc.  i'm really a pie kind of girl.  Even as a child I would choose pies over cakes for sure!  The only cookies I remember my mother making when I was a child are her famous tea cakes with homemade chocolate sauce and chocolate oatmeal boiled cookies. Do any of you remember those?  Sometimes we would add a tablespoon of peanut butter to them.  They were very yummy!  I'm allergic to oatmeal now so those days are gone.

Anyway these are delicious cookies and very easy to make.  I used a small melon baller to scoop out the dough.  My cookies turned out larger than I had anticipated.  So I had to cook them about 12 minutes.

Check us out next month to see what we will be making!  
Link is here.   Dorie


Mardi Michels said…
I really loved these too! My new faves!
Cakelaw said…
They look great Peggy. I made a quarter of a recipe which was heaps, and I really liked them.
Diane Zwang said…
chocolate oatmeal boiled cookies? How do you boil a cookie, would love to know. I love pies too especially during the summer when I can make cherry pie. Look forward to it every year.
TeaLady said…
These look just perfect to me.

I would choose cake every time. But I do love a good CCC!!
Unknown said…
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Donna said…
I would think that coriander would be a tasty addition.
Kayte said…
You are allergic to oatmeal? Yikes! I've never heard of your childhood cookies, but I think they sound delicious. These cookies look very good and my guys would inhale this faster than you could ever imagine. :-) I am trying to get back into making cookies at DC so I will go to the ones on your blog and comment on the ones I have made and posted and then I will visit the others as I go back and try to make the ones I missed. One day at a time, right? Trying to put all the things back in place in my life...it is taking awhile. xo Love you...K
Lisa Resnick said…
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