Good Food Good Friends - Holiday Green Vegetables

This week in our group we could choose a green vegetable.  Something that might go well as a side with your holiday meal.

Can you believe it is only ten days until Christmas?  What a year this has been.  

In our family, we always make green bean casserole.  Its just what we love.  But for this post, I chose to do a broccoli dish.  We actually loved it.  I hope if you try it you will too!  It is easy!

For chicken broth, I have been using Orrington Farms broth base for quite some time and I love it.  Because it is a dry mix, I just mix with hot water and I always have broth on hand.
You can order from Amazon.

In two weeks, we will make something special with carrots.  Check back then.  If you would like to join our group, please let me know.

Other team members are:

Broccoli Rice Casserole
1 10 oz. bag frozen broccoli florets
1 (8.5 oz) pouch cooked basmati rice
1 cup spinach artichoke dip
1 cup chicken broth
1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 375F.  Combine all ingredients in a 2 quart baking dish.  Cover with foil and bake 25 to 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly.  Remove foil and stir.  Bake five more minutes and serve hot.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas!


ostwestwind said…
Seems brocoli is THE green vegetable this week and I am until now the only one who didn't use it.

Interesting how the broth is labeled: No msg added, but yeast extract Sorry I could not resist, the food chemist is coming through :-)
Nancy/n.o.e said…
So many yummy ingredients in this dish. It looks perfect for the holiday table.
Unknown said…
Peggy, this does look easy and delicious with so few ingredients. Good choice.
Donna said…
This looks like an easy, yet delicious recipe. I plan to make it soon!
Kayte said…
This is the kind of thing I could just put a spoon into and eat way too looks so good and I love all these ingredients so much. Maybe I should make a little one just to try it out, right? Just for research purposes, of course.

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