Good Friends Good Food - Lima Bean Salad

In our GFGF group this week, Ellen chose fresh shell beans for us to prepare.  I chose to use frozen lima beans as fresh are a bit out of season here for us.  I decided to make a salad mix to go with our meal of parmesan chicken and fresh broccoli.   

This was easy to prepare and really tasty!  We are looking forward to the leftovers tonight.  The beauty of a salad like this is you really can add any ingredients you enjoy.  It would be good with black beans, mushrooms, green pepper, etc.  maybe a lime vinaigrette would be great on it! 

Check out the other members and see what they made this week.  Kayte  Margaret
Https://  Nancy  Ellen
Https:// Ulrike  Donna

Check back in two weeks and we will be cooking with mushrooms!


Frozen lima beans, cooked according to package directions and drained

1/4 red onion chopped

One small can whole kernel corn, drained

1/2 cup tomatoes chopped in one inch chunks

One avocado chopped

Drain beans and corn.  Mix all together.  Serve with balsamic or red vinegar vinaigrette.  Enjoy!


ostwestwind said…
I am not sure if I have ever eaten or seen lima beans here.

Bery delicious dish
Kayte said…
I also made a lima bean completely different than yours, so you are right, you can use any number of ingredients!! Yours looks very tasty and a perfect side dish. I still have a partial package of limas in the freezer, so I will try this one as I have all the ingredients in stock here at the moment. Lima bean heaven this week for me!
Donna said…
Your Lima Bean Salad looks delicious. I especially like that the ingredients are those that I normally keep on hand.
TeaLady said…
This reminds me of Succatosh. But it is hot rather than cold.

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