GFGF - Savory Carrot Cashew Soup


For our Good Friends Good Food group, our theme is fresh produce. I made Ellie Krieger’s carrot soup.  You can find this recipe in her book called Weeknight Wonders.  I really do not think I have ever made a cream type soup.  We are more the chunky meat and vegetables type of soup eaters.  But I really wanted to try this and I was not disappointed.  This soup is creamy and tasty.  It is a mixture of carrots, garlic, onion, ginger, honey and cashews cooked in chicken broth.  Once cooked, Ellie said to puree in blender in four batches.  Well I thought why do it in four batches when I could do it in two?  There is a reason for sure.  If you could see my kitchen right now you would understand.  Lesson learned, listen to the experts and follow their directions.  My first touch of the switch blew the lid off my blender along with about a third of the soup!  So then I scooped out a bit and tried again only to have the same thing happen!  Then I got smart and put a towel over the lid and held it down while I pureed,  that worked.  

We devoured the soup for our lunch.  My only issue is for me, I felt like I needed a sandwich or salad to go with it.  Its a nice soup but not very filling. 

The other team players are:  Kayte  Margaret
Https://  Nancy
Https:// Ulrike


ostwestwind said…
I always puree my soups in one step with a hand held blender. This looks great, a wonderful picture. I am a huge fan of creamy warming soups.
Kayte said…
I am laughing so hard at the thought of you with that soup all over the place...been there done that, it's no fun cleaning it up but the vision of your lid blowing off was too much to hold in the giggles. After all that, I must say your soup looks terrific and I think this is your best ever photo to date...really strikingly pretty. I have made this soup and we love it, but your little touches make it look even better.

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