Tuesdays with Dorie - Apple Pandowdy

This week in Tuesdays with Dorie I chose to make the Apple Pandowdy.  This is my third recipe to make out of Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Sweet, Salty and Simple.  I could not believe how easy it was to make this. It is a beautiful dessert.  I will be making a second one to serve with our Thanksgiving feast.  

According to my google search, the name “pandowdy” is said to come from the “dowdy” appearance of the top crust—it ends up rumpled and messy.  This dish is usually baked in a pan rather than a pie dish, perhaps creating the first part of the name.  I think I read that people break up the crust and mix in with the apples making it even more rustic looking.  

Dorie’s addition of lemon to the apples comes as quite a surprise on your first bite.  It is a bit tart.  But the more we ate, the more we liked it.  I love apples and I love lemon so it was a hit for me.

Out of respect for the author, we do not publish recipes in this group.  We encourage you to buy the book and join our group.
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Ulrike said…
You are an artist, with those oak leafs! Looks great
Lovie said…
Your pandowdy is NOT dowdy! Looks beautiful with your fall leaves.
Kayte said…
So beautiful, Peggy, you really have the artistic touch for these things, just gorgeous. We loved this, too. Stars for you this week on this recipe, I think it is the prettiest one I've seen.
Your leaves are beautiful! No dowdy here!
Kim said…
Wow..your leaves are so beautiful! We loved this one too. It was a tart first bite, but like you, we really enjoyed it!
Cakelaw said…
Oooh, fabulous! The leaves on top make it very elegant.
Mardi Michels said…
Not dowdy at all! SO PRETTY!
Diane Zwang said…
WE had the same idea with the leaves. This was a great dish. I hope your Thanksgiving guests enjoyed it.
TeaLady said…
I love that you made leaves for the top. Perfect topping for this fallish dessert.
Amy said…
Your pandowdy is beautiful! I love the leaves on top. What a perfect idea for fall. I'll have to try new shapes on top the next time I make this!

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