Ina Garten's Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This month in our Ina Garten group is main dishes.  I chose a chicken dish.
Normally, I would not even think to buy chicken that has the skin on it.  And if I did I would promptly pull it right off.  But this recipe called for chicken breasts skin on so that you could stuff underneath the skin with the goat cheese and sundried tomatoes.   Ready to go in the oven!!

 The chicken breasts I bought were really large so it took a lot longer to cook than Ina's recipe called for.  She said to cook for 40 minutes.  Mine took a little over an hour.  This recipe is delicious.  I highly recommend it.  The breasts are so tender and juicy.

I served this with green beans and some ranch baked potatoes.  We really enjoyed it.

You can get the recipe here:

Our hearts go out this week to our group friend, Chaya, whose daughter passed away.  I have been blogging with Chaya for over six years now.  Our group wanted to reach out to her in some way so I am offering up this prayer for her.

Dear Lord, I pray for Chaya who has lost her daughter.  I ask that you surround her family with your love and hope.  Send them peace and grace.  Please give them the strength they need to go through each day and comfort them as only you can.  I pray that Chaya and her family will be filled with wonderful and joyful memories of their loved one. Bring them the divine assurance that only can come through your love.  Amen.

Here are a few of my blogger friends that also have First Friday recipes.

  • Mary - 


    Your chicken looks so good! My husband would surely go nuts over it, he loves goat cheese. The potatoes look awesome, too! Glad you had a good dinner :)
    Ansh said…
    I usually also buy chicken without the skin. This recipe might just change that. What a delicious meal!
    Mia said…
    Stuffed chicken is so easy to do and you always feel like you've just eaten an elegant dish.

    Mireya @myhealthyeatinghabits
    Anything with goat cheese catches my eye - this looks awesome...
    Peggy, thank you for your beautiful prayer. It means the world to me. I am beginning to appreciate the value words more than ever, especially when we are not face to face.

    Your friendship means a lot to me.
    Richard said…
    Could this be done with Chicken Thighs instead of breasts? Im going to try it.

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